VinDr-CXR is an open large-scale dataset of chest X-rays with radiologist’s annotations. It's bult from more than 100,000 raw images in DICOM format that were retrospectively collected from the Hospital 108 and the Hanoi Medical University Hospital, two of the largest hospitals in Vietnam. The published dataset consists of 18,000 postero-anterior (PA) view CXR scans that come with both the localization of critical findings and the classification of common thoracic diseases. These images were annotated by a group of 17 radiologists with at least 8 years of experience for the presence of 22 critical findings (local labels) and 6 diagnoses (global labels); each finding is localized with a bounding box. The local and global labels correspond to the “Findings” and “Impressions” sections, respectively, of a standard radiology report.

The dataset is divided into two parts: the training set of 15,000 scans and the test set of 3,000 scans. Each image in the training set was independently labeled by 3 radiologists, while the annotation of each image in the test set was even more carefully treated and obtained from the consensus of 5 radiologists.

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