The VisA dataset contains 12 subsets corresponding to 12 different objects as shown in the above figure. There are 10,821 images with 9,621 normal and 1,200 anomalous samples. Four subsets are different types of printed circuit boards (PCB) with relatively complex structures containing transistors, capacitors, chips, etc. For the case of multiple instances in a view, we collect four subsets: Capsules, Candles, Macaroni1 and Macaroni2. Instances in Capsules and Macaroni2 largely differ in locations and poses. Moreover, we collect four subsets including Cashew, Chewing gum, Fryum and Pipe fryum, where objects are roughly aligned. The anomalous images contain various flaws, including surface defects such as scratches, dents, color spots or crack, and structural defects like misplacement or missing parts.


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