Visuomotor affordance learning (VAL) robot interaction dataset

Introduced by Khazatsky et al. in What Can I Do Here? Learning New Skills by Imagining Visual Affordances

This data contains about 2500 trajectories (with images and actions) of a Sawyer robot interacting with various objects.

Examples from the dataset are shown in the adjacent video. We provide two versions of the VAL dataset - one with low-res images (1.4 GB) and one with high-res images (162 GB). The data quantity and format is the same between these two versions; the difference is only the image observation quality.

The smaller dataset, with 48x48x3 images which can be used for eg. offline RL, is available for direct download:

The larger dataset, with 480x640x3 which might be preferred for eg. representation learning, is available at this Google drive folder:

To download the larger dataset, we suggest using

The data is sorted into several folders. There are a total of 300 files and 2500 trajectories. - fixed_drawer - Human-controlled demonstration data opening and closing drawers. (~10%) - fixed_pnp - Human-controlled demonstration data picking up objects. (~10%) - fixed_pot - Human-controlled demonstration data interacting with a pot and a lid. (~10%) - fixed_tray - Human-controlled demonstration data picking up objects and placing it in a tray. (~10%) - general - Further human-controlled demonstration data collected with the most diversity and variation. (~40%) - onpolicy_eval - Evaluation data collected by an RL policy. (~10%) - onpolicy_expl - Exploration data collected by an RL policy. (~10%)


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