The Waymo Open Dataset is comprised of high resolution sensor data collected by autonomous vehicles operated by the Waymo Driver in a wide variety of conditions.

The Waymo Open Dataset currently contains 1,950 segments. The authors plan to grow this dataset in the future. Currently the datasets includes:

  • 1,950 segments of 20s each, collected at 10Hz (390,000 frames) in diverse geographies and conditions
  • Sensor data
    • 1 mid-range lidar
    • 4 short-range lidars
    • 5 cameras (front and sides)
    • Synchronized lidar and camera data
    • Lidar to camera projections
    • Sensor calibrations and vehicle poses
  • Labeled data
    • Labels for 4 object classes - Vehicles, Pedestrians, Cyclists, Signs
    • High-quality labels for lidar data in 1,200 segments
    • 12.6M 3D bounding box labels with tracking IDs on lidar data
    • High-quality labels for camera data in 1,000 segments
    • 11.8M 2D bounding box labels with tracking IDs on camera data


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