This dataset is an extension of MASAC, a multimodal, multi-party, Hindi-English code-mixed dialogue dataset compiled from the popular Indian TV show, ‘Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai’. WITS was created by augmenting MASAC with natural language explanations for each sarcastic dialogue. The dataset consists of the transcribed sarcastic dialogues from 55 episodes of the TV show, along with audio and video multimodal signals. It was designed to facilitate Sarcasm Explanation in Dialogue (SED), a novel task aimed at generating a natural language explanation for a given sarcastic dialogue, that spells out the intended irony. Each data instance in WITS is associated with a corresponding video, audio, and textual transcript where the last utterance is sarcastic in nature. All the final selected explanations contain the following attributes:

• Sarcasm source: The speaker in the dialog who is being sarcastic. • Sarcasm target: The person/ thing towards whom the sarcasm is directed. • Action word: Verb/ action used to describe how the sarcasm is taking place. e.g. mocking, insults, taunts, etc. • Description: A description of the scene to help contextualize the sarcasm.


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