WMT 2016

Introduced by Bojar et al. in Findings of the 2016 Conference on Machine Translation

WMT 2016 is a collection of datasets used in shared tasks of the First Conference on Machine Translation. The conference builds on ten previous Workshops on statistical Machine Translation.

The conference featured ten shared tasks:

  • a news translation task,
  • an IT domain translation task,
  • a biomedical translation task,
  • an automatic post-editing task,
  • a metrics task (assess MT quality given reference translation).
  • a quality estimation task (assess MT quality without access to any reference),
  • a tuning task (optimize a given MT system),
  • a pronoun translation task,
  • a bilingual document alignment task,
  • a multimodal translation task.
Source: http://www.statmt.org/wmt16/index.html


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