YAGO (Yet Another Great Ontology)

Introduced by Fabian M. Suchanek et al. in Yago: a core of semantic knowledge

Yet Another Great Ontology (YAGO) is a Knowledge Graph that augments WordNet with common knowledge facts extracted from Wikipedia, converting WordNet from a primarily linguistic resource to a common knowledge base. YAGO originally consisted of more than 1 million entities and 5 million facts describing relationships between these entities. YAGO2 grounded entities, facts, and events in time and space, contained 446 million facts about 9.8 million entities, while YAGO3 added about 1 million more entities from non-English Wikipedia articles. YAGO3-10 a subset of YAGO3, containing entities which have a minimum of 10 relations each.

Source: Recent Advances in Natural Language Inference:A Survey of Benchmarks, Resources, and Approaches


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