Yelp-Fraud (Multi-relational Graph Dataset for Yelp Spam Review Detection)

Introduced by Dou et al. in Enhancing Graph Neural Network-based Fraud Detectors against Camouflaged Fraudsters

Yelp-Fraud is a multi-relational graph dataset built upon the Yelp spam review dataset, which can be used in evaluating graph-based node classification, fraud detection, and anomaly detection models.

  • Dataset Statistics
# Nodes %Fraud Nodes (Class=1)
45,954 14.5
Relation # Edges
R-U-R 49,315
R-T-R 573,616
R-S-R 3,402,743
All 3,846,979
  • Graph Construction

The Yelp spam review dataset includes hotel and restaurant reviews filtered (spam) and recommended (legitimate) by Yelp. We conduct a spam review detection task on the Yelp-Fraud dataset which is a binary classification task. We take 32 handcrafted features from SpEagle paper as the raw node features for Yelp-Fraud. Based on previous studies which show that opinion fraudsters have connections in user, product, review text, and time, we take reviews as nodes in the graph and design three relations: 1) R-U-R: it connects reviews posted by the same user; 2) R-S-R: it connects reviews under the same product with the same star rating (1-5 stars); 3) R-T-R: it connects two reviews under the same product posted in the same month.

To download the dataset, please visit this Github repo. For any other questions, please email ytongdou(AT) for inquiry.


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