YouTube-100M (YouTube-100m)

Introduced by Hershey et al. in CNN Architectures for Large-Scale Audio Classification

The YouTube-100M data set consists of 100 million YouTube videos: 70M training videos, 10M evaluation videos, and 20M validation videos. Videos average 4.6 minutes each for a total of 5.4M training hours. Each of these videos is labeled with 1 or more topic identifiers from a set of 30,871 labels. There are an average of around 5 labels per video. The labels are assigned automatically based on a combination of metadata (title, description, comments, etc.), context, and image content for each video. The labels apply to the entire video and range from very generic (e.g. “Song”) to very specific (e.g. “Cormorant”). Being machine generated, the labels are not 100% accurate and of the 30K labels, some are clearly acoustically relevant (“Trumpet”) and others are less so (“Web Page”). Videos often bear annotations with multiple degrees of specificity. For example, videos labeled with “Trumpet” are often labeled “Entertainment” as well, although no hierarchy is enforced.



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