zulu-stance (Zulu Stance)

Introduced by Dlamini et al. in Bridging the Domain Gap for Stance Detection for the Zulu language

This is a stance detection dataset in the Zulu language. The data is translated to Zulu by Zulu native speakers, from English source texts.

Our paper aims at utilizing this progress made for English to transfers that knowledge into other languages, which is a non-trivial task due to the domain gap between English and the target languages. We propose a black-box non-intrusive method that utilizes techniques from Domain Adaptation to reduce the domain gap, without requiring any human expertise in the target language, by leveraging low-quality data in both a supervised and unsupervised manner. This allows us to rapidly achieve similar results for stance detection for the Zulu language, the target language in this work, as are found for English. A natively-translated dataset is used for evaluation of domain transfer.


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  • CC-BY 4.0