Video Super-Resolution Models

BasicVSR is a video super-resolution pipeline including optical flow and residual blocks. It adopts a typical bidirectional recurrent network. The upsampling module $U$ contains multiple pixel-shuffle and convolutions. In the Figure, red and blue colors represent the backward and forward propagations, respectively. The propagation branches contain only generic components. $S, W$, and $R$ refer to the flow estimation module, spatial warping module, and residual blocks, respectively.

Source: BasicVSR: The Search for Essential Components in Video Super-Resolution and Beyond


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Super-Resolution 3 27.27%
Video Super-Resolution 3 27.27%
Video Restoration 2 18.18%
Deblurring 1 9.09%
Denoising 1 9.09%
Video Enhancement 1 9.09%