Attention Mechanisms

Content-based Attention

Introduced by Graves et al. in Neural Turing Machines

Content-based attention is an attention mechanism based on cosine similarity:

$$f_{att}\left(\textbf{h}_{i}, \textbf{s}_{j}\right) = \cos\left[\textbf{h}_{i};\textbf{s}_{j}\right] $$

It was utilised in Neural Turing Machines as part of the Addressing Mechanism.

We produce a normalized attention weighting by taking a softmax over these attention alignment scores.

Source: Neural Turing Machines


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Machine Translation 3 5.56%
Translation 3 5.56%
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) 2 3.70%
Retrieval 2 3.70%
Image Classification 2 3.70%
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