One-Stage Object Detection Models

ExtremeNet is a a bottom-up object detection framework that detects four extreme points (top-most, left-most, bottom-most, right-most) of an object. It uses a keypoint estimation framework to find extreme points, by predicting four multi-peak heatmaps for each object category. In addition, it uses one heatmap per category predicting the object center, as the average of two bounding box edges in both the x and y dimension. We group extreme points into objects with a purely geometry-based approach. We group four extreme points, one from each map, if and only if their geometric center is predicted in the center heatmap with a score higher than a pre-defined threshold, We enumerate all $O\left(n^{4}\right)$ combinations of extreme point prediction, and select the valid ones.

Source: Bottom-up Object Detection by Grouping Extreme and Center Points


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