TinyBERT: Distilling BERT for Natural Language Understanding

Language model pre-training, such as BERT, has significantly improved the performances of many natural language processing tasks. However, pre-trained language models are usually computationally expensive, so it is difficult to efficiently execute them on resource-restricted devices... To accelerate inference and reduce model size while maintaining accuracy, we first propose a novel Transformer distillation method that is specially designed for knowledge distillation (KD) of the Transformer-based models. By leveraging this new KD method, the plenty of knowledge encoded in a large teacher BERT can be effectively transferred to a small student Tiny-BERT. Then, we introduce a new two-stage learning framework for TinyBERT, which performs Transformer distillation at both the pretraining and task-specific learning stages. This framework ensures that TinyBERT can capture he general-domain as well as the task-specific knowledge in BERT. TinyBERT with 4 layers is empirically effective and achieves more than 96.8% the performance of its teacher BERTBASE on GLUE benchmark, while being 7.5x smaller and 9.4x faster on inference. TinyBERT with 4 layers is also significantly better than 4-layer state-of-the-art baselines on BERT distillation, with only about 28% parameters and about 31% inference time of them. Moreover, TinyBERT with 6 layers performs on-par with its teacher BERTBASE. read more

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Linguistic Acceptability CoLA TinyBERT Accuracy 43.3% # 25
Linguistic Acceptability CoLA Dev TinyBERT (M=6;d' =768;d'i=3072) Accuracy 54 # 2
Semantic Textual Similarity MRPC TinyBERT Accuracy 86.4% # 22
Semantic Textual Similarity MRPC Dev TinyBERT (M=6;d'=768;d'i=3072) Accuracy 86.3 # 2
Natural Language Inference MultiNLI TinyBERT Matched 82.5 # 24
Mismatched 81.8 # 21
Natural Language Inference MultiNLI Dev TinyBERT (M=6;d'=768;d'i=3072) Matched 84.5 # 1
Mismatched 84.5 # 1
Natural Language Inference QNLI TinyBERT Accuracy 87.7% # 25
Paraphrase Identification Quora Question Pairs TinyBERT F1 71.3 # 10
Natural Language Inference RTE TinyBERT Accuracy 62.9% # 25
Question Answering SQuAD1.1 dev TinyBERT (M=6;d' =768;d'i=3072) EM 79.7 # 11
F1 87.5 # 13
Question Answering SQuAD2.0 dev TinyBERT (M=6;d' =768;d'i=3072) F1 73.4 # 14
EM 69.9 # 13
Sentiment Analysis SST-2 Binary classification TinyBERT Accuracy 92.6 # 33
Semantic Textual Similarity STS Benchmark TinyBERT Pearson Correlation 0.799 # 24