3DHumanGAN: Towards Photo-Realistic 3D-Aware Human Image Generation

We present 3DHumanGAN, a 3D-aware generative adversarial network (GAN) that synthesizes images of full-body humans with consistent appearances under different view-angles and body-poses. To tackle the representational and computational challenges in synthesizing the articulated structure of human bodies, we propose a novel generator architecture in which a 2D convolutional backbone is modulated by a 3D pose mapping network. The 3D pose mapping network is formulated as a renderable implicit function conditioned on a posed 3D human mesh. This design has several merits: i) it allows us to harness the power of 2D GANs to generate photo-realistic images; ii) it generates consistent images under varying view-angles and specifiable poses; iii) the model can benefit from the 3D human prior. Our model is adversarially learned from a collection of web images needless of manual annotation.

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