A Robust and Domain-Adaptive Approach for Low-Resource Named Entity Recognition

Recently, it has attracted much attention to build reliable named entity recognition (NER) systems using limited annotated data. Nearly all existing works heavily rely on domain-specific resources, such as external lexicons and knowledge bases. However, such domain-specific resources are often not available, meanwhile it's difficult and expensive to construct the resources, which has become a key obstacle to wider adoption. To tackle the problem, in this work, we propose a novel robust and domain-adaptive approach RDANER for low-resource NER, which only uses cheap and easily obtainable resources. Extensive experiments on three benchmark datasets demonstrate that our approach achieves the best performance when only using cheap and easily obtainable resources, and delivers competitive results against state-of-the-art methods which use difficultly obtainable domainspecific resources. All our code and corpora can be found on

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