A Structured Learning Approach to Temporal Relation Extraction

EMNLP 2017  ·  Qiang Ning, Zhili Feng, Dan Roth ·

Identifying temporal relations between events is an essential step towards natural language understanding. However, the temporal relation between two events in a story depends on, and is often dictated by, relations among other events. Consequently, effectively identifying temporal relations between events is a challenging problem even for human annotators. This paper suggests that it is important to take these dependencies into account while learning to identify these relations and proposes a structured learning approach to address this challenge. As a byproduct, this provides a new perspective on handling missing relations, a known issue that hurts existing methods. As we show, the proposed approach results in significant improvements on the two commonly used data sets for this problem.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Temporal Information Extraction TempEval-3 Ning et al. Temporal awareness 67.2 # 1


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