Accurate Image Super-Resolution Using Very Deep Convolutional Networks

CVPR 2016  ·  Jiwon Kim, Jung Kwon Lee, Kyoung Mu Lee ·

We present a highly accurate single-image super-resolution (SR) method. Our method uses a very deep convolutional network inspired by VGG-net used for ImageNet classification \cite{simonyan2015very}. We find increasing our network depth shows a significant improvement in accuracy. Our final model uses 20 weight layers. By cascading small filters many times in a deep network structure, contextual information over large image regions is exploited in an efficient way. With very deep networks, however, convergence speed becomes a critical issue during training. We propose a simple yet effective training procedure. We learn residuals only and use extremely high learning rates ($10^4$ times higher than SRCNN \cite{dong2015image}) enabled by adjustable gradient clipping. Our proposed method performs better than existing methods in accuracy and visual improvements in our results are easily noticeable.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Image Super-Resolution IXI VDSR SSIM for 2x T2w 0.9836 # 7
PSNR 2x T2w 38.65 # 7
SSIM 4x T2w 0.9240 # 6
PSNR 4x T2w 30.79 # 6
Video Super-Resolution MSU Video Upscalers: Quality Enhancement VDSR PSNR 25.89 # 47
SSIM 0.917 # 35
VMAF 36.46 # 15
Image Super-Resolution Set14 - 2x upscaling VDSR [[Kim et al.2016a]] PSNR 33.03 # 20
Image Super-Resolution Set5 - 2x upscaling VDSR [[Kim et al.2016a]] PSNR 37.53 # 23
Image Super-Resolution Urban100 - 2x upscaling VDSR [[Kim et al.2016a]] PSNR 30.76 # 17

Results from Other Papers

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Rank Source Paper Compare
Image Super-Resolution VggFace2 - 8x upscaling VDSR PSNR 22.50 # 4
Image Super-Resolution WebFace - 8x upscaling VDSR PSNR 23.65 # 4