Action Recognition Using Volumetric Motion Representations

Traditional action recognition models are constructed around the paradigm of 2D perspective imagery. Though sophisticated time-series models have pushed the field forward, much of the information is still not exploited by confining the domain to 2D. In this work, we introduce a novel representation of motion as a voxelized 3D vector field and demonstrate how it can be used to improve performance of action recognition networks. This volumetric representation is a natural fit for 3D CNNs, and allows out-of-plane data augmentation techniques during training of these networks. Both the construction of this representation from RGB-D video and inference can be run in real time. We demonstrate superior results using this representation with our network design on the open-source NTU RGB+D dataset where it outperforms state-of-the-art on both of the defined evaluation metrics. Furthermore, we experimentally show how the out-of-plane augmentation techniques create viewpoint invariance and allow the model trained using this representation to generalize to unseen camera angles. Code is available here:

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