Advanced Deep Networks for 3D Mitochondria Instance Segmentation

16 Apr 2021  ·  Mingxing Li, Chang Chen, Xiaoyu Liu, Wei Huang, Yueyi Zhang, Zhiwei Xiong ·

Mitochondria instance segmentation from electron microscopy (EM) images has seen notable progress since the introduction of deep learning methods. In this paper, we propose two advanced deep networks, named Res-UNet-R and Res-UNet-H, for 3D mitochondria instance segmentation from Rat and Human samples. Specifically, we design a simple yet effective anisotropic convolution block and deploy a multi-scale training strategy, which together boost the segmentation performance. Moreover, we enhance the generalizability of the trained models on the test set by adding a denoising operation as pre-processing. In the Large-scale 3D Mitochondria Instance Segmentation Challenge at ISBI 2021, our method ranks the 1st place. Code is available at

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
3D Instance Segmentation MitoEM Res-UNet-R/H AP75-R-Val 0.917 # 1
AP75-H-Val 0.828 # 1
AP75-R-Test 0.851 # 1
AP75-H-Test 0.829 # 1