An Iterative Emotion Interaction Network for Emotion Recognition in Conversations

Emotion recognition in conversations (ERC) has received much attention recently in the natural language processing community. Considering that the emotions of the utterances in conversations are interactive, previous works usually implicitly model the emotion interaction between utterances by modeling dialogue context, but the misleading emotion information from context often interferes with the emotion interaction. We noticed that the gold emotion labels of the context utterances can provide explicit and accurate emotion interaction, but it is impossible to input gold labels at inference time. To address this problem, we propose an iterative emotion interaction network, which uses iteratively predicted emotion labels instead of gold emotion labels to explicitly model the emotion interaction. This approach solves the above problem, and can effectively retain the performance advantages of explicit modeling. We conduct experiments on two datasets, and our approach achieves state-of-the-art performance.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
Emotion Recognition in Conversation IEMOCAP Iterative Weighted-F1 64.5 # 33
Emotion Recognition in Conversation MELD Iterative Weighted-F1 60.72 # 39


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