AuxBlocks: Defense Adversarial Example via Auxiliary Blocks

Deep learning models are vulnerable to adversarial examples, which poses an indisputable threat to their applications. However, recent studies observe gradient-masking defenses are self-deceiving methods if an attacker can realize this defense. In this paper, we propose a new defense method based on appending information. We introduce the Aux Block model to produce extra outputs as a self-ensemble algorithm and analytically investigate the robustness mechanism of Aux Block. We have empirically studied the efficiency of our method against adversarial examples in two types of white-box attacks, and found that even in the full white-box attack where an adversary can craft malicious examples from defense models, our method has a more robust performance of about 54.6% precision on Cifar10 dataset and 38.7% precision on Mini-Imagenet dataset. Another advantage of our method is that it is able to maintain the prediction accuracy of the classification model on clean images, and thereby exhibits its high potential in practical applications

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