Capturing User and Product Information for Document Level Sentiment Analysis with Deep Memory Network

EMNLP 2017  ·  Zi-Yi Dou ·

Document-level sentiment classification is a fundamental problem which aims to predict a user{'}s overall sentiment about a product in a document. Several methods have been proposed to tackle the problem whereas most of them fail to consider the influence of users who express the sentiment and products which are evaluated. To address the issue, we propose a deep memory network for document-level sentiment classification which could capture the user and product information at the same time. To prove the effectiveness of our algorithm, we conduct experiments on IMDB and Yelp datasets and the results indicate that our model can achieve better performance than several existing methods.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
Sentiment Analysis User and product information UPDMN IMDB (Acc) 46.5 # 8
Yelp 2013 (Acc) 63.9 # 9
Yelp 2014 (Acc) 61.3 # 7