Concealer: SGX-based Secure, Volume Hiding, and Verifiable Processing of Spatial Time-Series Datasets

This paper proposes a system, entitled Concealer that allows sharing time-varying spatial data (e.g., as produced by sensors) in encrypted form to an untrusted third-party service provider to provide location-based applications (involving aggregation queries over selected regions over time windows) to users. Concealer exploits carefully selected encryption techniques to use indexes supported by database systems and combines ways to add fake tuples in order to realize an efficient system that protects against leakage based on output-size. Thus, the design of Concealer overcomes two limitations of existing symmetric searchable encryption (SSE) techniques: (i) it avoids the need of specialized data structures that limit usability/practicality of SSE in large scale deployments, and (ii) it avoids information leakages based on the output-size, which may leak data distributions. Experimental results validate the efficiency of the proposed algorithms over a spatial time-series dataset (collected from a smart space) and TPC-H datasets, each of 136 Million rows, the size of which prior approaches have not scaled to.

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