Contrastive Psudo-supervised Classification for Intra-Pulse Modulation of Radar Emitter Signals Using data augmentation

The automatic classification of radar waveform is a fundamental technique in electronic countermeasures (ECM).Recent supervised deep learning-based methods have achieved great success in a such classification task.However, those methods require enough labeled samples to work properly and in many circumstances, it is not available.To tackle this problem, in this paper, we propose a three-stages deep radar waveform clustering(DRSC) technique to automatically group the received signal samples without labels.Firstly, a pretext model is trained in a self-supervised way with the help of several data augmentation techniques to extract the class-dependent features.Next,the pseudo-supervised contrastive training is involved to further promote the separation between the extracted class-dependent features.And finally, the unsupervised problem is converted to a semi-supervised classification problem via pseudo label generation. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can effectively extract class-dependent features, outperforming several unsupervised clustering methods, even reaching performance on par with the supervised deep learning-based methods.

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