Correspondence-Free Domain Alignment for Unsupervised Cross-Domain Image Retrieval

Cross-domain image retrieval aims at retrieving images across different domains to excavate cross-domain classificatory or correspondence relationships. This paper studies a less-touched problem of cross-domain image retrieval, i.e., unsupervised cross-domain image retrieval, considering the following practical assumptions: (i) no correspondence relationship, and (ii) no category annotations. It is challenging to align and bridge distinct domains without cross-domain correspondence. To tackle the challenge, we present a novel Correspondence-free Domain Alignment (CoDA) method to effectively eliminate the cross-domain gap through In-domain Self-matching Supervision (ISS) and Cross-domain Classifier Alignment (CCA). To be specific, ISS is presented to encapsulate discriminative information into the latent common space by elaborating a novel self-matching supervision mechanism. To alleviate the cross-domain discrepancy, CCA is proposed to align distinct domain-specific classifiers. Thanks to the ISS and CCA, our method could encode the discrimination into the domain-invariant embedding space for unsupervised cross-domain image retrieval. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, extensive experiments are conducted on four benchmark datasets compared with six state-of-the-art methods.

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