Deep CNN ensembles and suggestive annotations for infant brain MRI segmentation

14 Dec 2017Jose DolzChristian DesrosiersLi WangJing YuanDinggang ShenIsmail Ben Ayed

Precise 3D segmentation of infant brain tissues is an essential step towards comprehensive volumetric studies and quantitative analysis of early brain developement. However, computing such segmentations is very challenging, especially for 6-month infant brain, due to the poor image quality, among other difficulties inherent to infant brain MRI, e.g., the isointense contrast between white and gray matter and the severe partial volume effect due to small brain sizes... (read more)

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Task Dataset Model Metric name Metric value Global rank Compare
Infant Brain Mri Segmentation iSEG 2017 Challenge LiviaNet (SemiDenseNet) Dice Score 0.9243 # 1