Depth-Guided Camouflaged Object Detection

Camouflaged object detection (COD) aims to segment camouflaged objects hiding in the environment, which is challenging due to the similar appearance of camouflaged objects and their surroundings. Research in biology suggests that depth can provide useful object localization cues for camouflaged object discovery, as all the animals have 3D perception ability... However, the depth information has not been exploited for camouflaged object detection. To explore the contribution of depth for camouflage detection, we present a depth-guided camouflaged object detection network with pre-computed depth maps from existing monocular depth estimation methods. Due to the domain gap between the depth estimation dataset and our camouflaged object detection dataset, the generated depth may not be accurate enough to be directly used in our framework. We then introduce a depth quality assessment module to evaluate the quality of depth based on the model prediction from both RGB COD branch and RGB-D COD branch. During training, only high-quality depth is used to update the modal interaction module for multi-modal learning. During testing, our depth quality assessment module can effectively determine the contribution of depth and select the RGB branch or RGB-D branch for camouflage prediction. Extensive experiments on various camouflaged object detection datasets prove the effectiveness of our solution in exploring the depth information for camouflaged object detection. Our code and data is publicly available at: \url{}. read more

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