ElectroCardioGuard: Preventing Patient Misidentification in Electrocardiogram Databases through Neural Networks

Electrocardiograms (ECGs) are commonly used by cardiologists to detect heart-related pathological conditions. Reliable collections of ECGs are crucial for precise diagnosis. However, in clinical practice, the assignment of captured ECG recordings to incorrect patients can occur inadvertently. In collaboration with a clinical and research facility which recognized this challenge and reached out to us, we present a study that addresses this issue. In this work, we propose a small and efficient neural-network based model for determining whether two ECGs originate from the same patient. Our model demonstrates great generalization capabilities and achieves state-of-the-art performance in gallery-probe patient identification on PTB-XL while utilizing 760x fewer parameters. Furthermore, we present a technique leveraging our model for detection of recording-assignment mistakes, showcasing its applicability in a realistic scenario. Finally, we evaluate our model on a newly collected ECG dataset specifically curated for this study, and make it public for the research community.

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