Multi-Task Learning Framework for Emotion Recognition in-the-wild

This paper presents our system for the Multi-Task Learning (MTL) Challenge in the 4th Affective Behavior Analysis in-the-wild (ABAW) competition. We explore the research problems of this challenge from three aspects: 1) For obtaining efficient and robust visual feature representations, we propose MAE-based unsupervised representation learning and IResNet/DenseNet-based supervised representation learning methods; 2) Considering the importance of temporal information in videos, we explore three types of sequential encoders to capture the temporal information, including the encoder based on transformer, the encoder based on LSTM, and the encoder based on GRU; 3) For modeling the correlation between these different tasks (i.e., valence, arousal, expression, and AU) for multi-task affective analysis, we first explore the dependency between these different tasks and propose three multi-task learning frameworks to model the correlations effectively. Our system achieves the performance of $1.7607$ on the validation dataset and $1.4361$ on the test dataset, ranking first in the MTL Challenge. The code is available at

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