EmotionX-KU: BERT-Max based Contextual Emotion Classifier

We propose a contextual emotion classifier based on a transferable language model and dynamic max pooling, which predicts the emotion of each utterance in a dialogue. A representative emotion analysis task, EmotionX, requires to consider contextual information from colloquial dialogues and to deal with a class imbalance problem. To alleviate these problems, our model leverages the self-attention based transferable language model and the weighted cross entropy loss. Furthermore, we apply post-training and fine-tuning mechanisms to enhance the domain adaptability of our model and utilize several machine learning techniques to improve its performance. We conduct experiments on two emotion-labeled datasets named Friends and EmotionPush. As a result, our model outperforms the previous state-of-the-art model and also shows competitive performance in the EmotionX 2019 challenge. The code will be available in the Github page.

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