Encoder-Decoder Based Convolutional Neural Networks with Multi-Scale-Aware Modules for Crowd Counting

12 Mar 2020  ·  Pongpisit Thanasutives, Ken-ichi Fukui, Masayuki Numao, Boonserm Kijsirikul ·

In this paper, we propose two modified neural networks based on dual path multi-scale fusion networks (SFANet) and SegNet for accurate and efficient crowd counting. Inspired by SFANet, the first model, which is named M-SFANet, is attached with atrous spatial pyramid pooling (ASPP) and context-aware module (CAN)... The encoder of M-SFANet is enhanced with ASPP containing parallel atrous convolutional layers with different sampling rates and hence able to extract multi-scale features of the target object and incorporate larger context. To further deal with scale variation throughout an input image, we leverage the CAN module which adaptively encodes the scales of the contextual information. The combination yields an effective model for counting in both dense and sparse crowd scenes. Based on the SFANet decoder structure, M-SFANet's decoder has dual paths, for density map and attention map generation. The second model is called M-SegNet, which is produced by replacing the bilinear upsampling in SFANet with max unpooling that is used in SegNet. This change provides a faster model while providing competitive counting performance. Designed for high-speed surveillance applications, M-SegNet has no additional multi-scale-aware module in order to not increase the complexity. Both models are encoder-decoder based architectures and are end-to-end trainable. We conduct extensive experiments on five crowd counting datasets and one vehicle counting dataset to show that these modifications yield algorithms that could improve state-of-the-art crowd counting methods. Codes are available at https://github.com/Pongpisit-Thanasutives/Variations-of-SFANet-for-Crowd-Counting. read more

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Crowd Counting ShanghaiTech A M-SFANet+M-SegNet MAE 57.55 # 1
MSE 94.48 # 1
Crowd Counting ShanghaiTech B M-SFANet+M-SegNet MAE 6.32 # 2
Crowd Counting UCF CC 50 M-SFANet MAE 162.33 # 1
Crowd Counting UCF-QNRF M-SFANet MAE 85.6 # 1
Crowd Counting WorldExpo’10 M-SFANet Average MAE 7.32 # 2