Every Pixel Counts ++: Joint Learning of Geometry and Motion with 3D Holistic Understanding

14 Oct 2018  ·  Chenxu Luo, Zhenheng Yang, Peng Wang, Yang Wang, Wei Xu, Ram Nevatia, Alan Yuille ·

Learning to estimate 3D geometry in a single frame and optical flow from consecutive frames by watching unlabeled videos via deep convolutional network has made significant progress recently. Current state-of-the-art (SoTA) methods treat the two tasks independently. One typical assumption of the existing depth estimation methods is that the scenes contain no independent moving objects. while object moving could be easily modeled using optical flow. In this paper, we propose to address the two tasks as a whole, i.e. to jointly understand per-pixel 3D geometry and motion. This eliminates the need of static scene assumption and enforces the inherent geometrical consistency during the learning process, yielding significantly improved results for both tasks. We call our method as "Every Pixel Counts++" or "EPC++". Specifically, during training, given two consecutive frames from a video, we adopt three parallel networks to predict the camera motion (MotionNet), dense depth map (DepthNet), and per-pixel optical flow between two frames (OptFlowNet) respectively. The three types of information are fed into a holistic 3D motion parser (HMP), and per-pixel 3D motion of both rigid background and moving objects are disentangled and recovered. Comprehensive experiments were conducted on datasets with different scenes, including driving scenario (KITTI 2012 and KITTI 2015 datasets), mixed outdoor/indoor scenes (Make3D) and synthetic animation (MPI Sintel dataset). Performance on the five tasks of depth estimation, optical flow estimation, odometry, moving object segmentation and scene flow estimation shows that our approach outperforms other SoTA methods. Code will be available at: https://github.com/chenxuluo/EPC.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Scene Flow Estimation KITTI 2015 Scene Flow Training EPC++ D1-all 23.84 # 1
D2-all 60.32 # 3
Fl-all 19.64 # 2
SF-all (>60.32) # 3
Runtime (s) 0.05 # 1


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