Exploiting Unary Relations with Stacked Learning for Relation Extraction

Relation extraction models typically cast the problem of determining whether there is a relation between a pair of entities as a single decision. However, these models can struggle with long or complex language constructions in which two entities are not directly linked, as is often the case in scientific publications. We propose a novel approach that decomposes a binary relation into two unary relations that capture each argument’s role in the relation separately. We create a stacked learning model that incorporates information from unary and binary relation extractors to determine whether a relation holds between two entities. We present experimental results showing that this approach outperforms several competitive relation extractors on a new corpus of planetary science publications as well as a benchmark dataset in the biology domain.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
Relation Extraction LPSC-contains Stacked_LinkedBERT F1 (micro) 78.5 # 1
Relation Extraction LPSC-hasproperty Stacked_LinkedBERT F1 (micro) 78.1 # 1


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