$F$, $B$, Alpha Matting

17 Mar 2020  ·  Marco Forte, François Pitié ·

Cutting out an object and estimating its opacity mask, known as image matting, is a key task in many image editing applications. Deep learning approaches have made significant progress by adapting the encoder-decoder architecture of segmentation networks. However, most of the existing networks only predict the alpha matte and post-processing methods must then be used to recover the original foreground and background colours in the transparent regions. Recently, two methods have shown improved results by also estimating the foreground colours, but at a significant computational and memory cost. In this paper, we propose a low-cost modification to alpha matting networks to also predict the foreground and background colours. We study variations of the training regime and explore a wide range of existing and novel loss functions for the joint prediction. Our method achieves the state of the art performance on the Adobe Composition-1k dataset for alpha matte and composite colour quality. It is also the current best performing method on the alphamatting.com online evaluation.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Image Matting Composition-1K FBAMatting MSE 5.3 # 8
SAD 26.4 # 8
Grad 10.6 # 8
Conn 21.5 # 7