Fast T2w/FLAIR MRI Acquisition by Optimal Sampling of Information Complementary to Pre-acquired T1w MRI

Recent studies on T1-assisted MRI reconstruction for under-sampled images of other modalities have demonstrated the potential of further accelerating MRI acquisition of other modalities. Most of the state-of-the-art approaches have achieved improvement through the development of network architectures for fixed under-sampling patterns, without fully exploiting the complementary information between modalities. Although existing under-sampling pattern learning algorithms can be simply modified to allow the fully-sampled T1-weighted MR image to assist the pattern learning, no significant improvement on the reconstruction task can be achieved. To this end, we propose an iterative framework to optimize the under-sampling pattern for MRI acquisition of another modality that can complement the fully-sampled T1-weighted MR image at different under-sampling factors, while jointly optimizing the T1-assisted MRI reconstruction model. Specifically, our proposed method exploits the difference of latent information between the two modalities for determining the sampling patterns that can maximize the assistance power of T1-weighted MR image in improving the MRI reconstruction. We have demonstrated superior performance of our learned under-sampling patterns on a public dataset, compared to commonly used under-sampling patterns and state-of-the-art methods that can jointly optimize both the reconstruction network and the under-sampling pattern, up to 8-fold under-sampling factor.

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