FG-Net: Fast Large-Scale LiDAR Point Clouds Understanding Network Leveraging Correlated Feature Mining and Geometric-Aware Modelling

17 Dec 2020  ·  Kangcheng Liu, Zhi Gao, Feng Lin, Ben M. Chen ·

This work presents FG-Net, a general deep learning framework for large-scale point clouds understanding without voxelizations, which achieves accurate and real-time performance with a single NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU. First, a novel noise and outlier filtering method is designed to facilitate subsequent high-level tasks... For effective understanding purpose, we propose a deep convolutional neural network leveraging correlated feature mining and deformable convolution based geometric-aware modelling, in which the local feature relationships and geometric patterns can be fully exploited. For the efficiency issue, we put forward an inverse density sampling operation and a feature pyramid based residual learning strategy to save the computational cost and memory consumption respectively. Extensive experiments on real-world challenging datasets demonstrated that our approaches outperform state-of-the-art approaches in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, weakly supervised transfer learning is also conducted to demonstrate the generalization capacity of our method. read more

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
3D Point Cloud Classification ModelNet40 Feature Geometric Net (FG-Net) Overall Accuracy 93.8 # 5
Mean Accuracy 91.1 # 4
LIDAR Semantic Segmentation Paris-Lille-3D Feature Geometric Net (FG Net) mIOU 0.819 # 2
3D Semantic Segmentation PartNet FG-Net (Feature Geometric Net) mIOU 58.2 # 2
Semantic Segmentation S3DIS Feature Geometric Net (FG-Net) Mean IoU 70.8 # 4
mAcc 82.9 # 2
oAcc 88.2 # 6
Semantic Segmentation ScanNet Feature Geometric Net (FGNet) 3DIoU 0.694 # 6
Semantic Segmentation Semantic3D Feature Geometric Net mIoU 77.2% # 4
oAcc 93.6% # 4
3D Semantic Segmentation SemanticKITTI Feature Geometric Net (FGNet) mIoU 66.8% # 3
3D Part Segmentation ShapeNet-Part Feature Geometric Net (FG-Net) Class Average IoU 87.7 # 1
Instance Average IoU 86.6 # 5