Focus Your Distribution: Coarse-to-Fine Non-Contrastive Learning for Anomaly Detection and Localization

9 Oct 2021  ·  Ye Zheng, Xiang Wang, Rui Deng, Tianpeng Bao, Rui Zhao, Liwei Wu ·

The essence of unsupervised anomaly detection is to learn the compact distribution of normal samples and detect outliers as anomalies in testing. Meanwhile, the anomalies in real-world are usually subtle and fine-grained in a high-resolution image especially for industrial applications. Towards this end, we propose a novel framework for unsupervised anomaly detection and localization. Our method aims at learning dense and compact distribution from normal images with a coarse-to-fine alignment process. The coarse alignment stage standardizes the pixel-wise position of objects in both image and feature levels. The fine alignment stage then densely maximizes the similarity of features among all corresponding locations in a batch. To facilitate the learning with only normal images, we propose a new pretext task called non-contrastive learning for the fine alignment stage. Non-contrastive learning extracts robust and discriminating normal image representations without making assumptions on abnormal samples, and it thus empowers our model to generalize to various anomalous scenarios. Extensive experiments on two typical industrial datasets of MVTec AD and BenTech AD demonstrate that our framework is effective in detecting various real-world defects and achieves a new state-of-the-art in industrial unsupervised anomaly detection.

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Ranked #10 on Anomaly Detection on MVTec AD (using extra training data)

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Uses Extra
Training Data
Result Benchmark
Anomaly Detection MVTec AD FYD Detection AUROC 97.7 # 10
Segmentation AUROC 98.2 # 4


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