Forward Propagation, Backward Regression, and Pose Association for Hand Tracking in the Wild

We propose HandLer, a novel convolutional architecture that can jointly detect and track hands online in unconstrained videos. HandLer is based on Cascade-RCNNwith additional three novel stages. The first stage is Forward Propagation, where the features from frame t-1 are propagated to frame t based on previously detected hands and their estimated motion. The second stage is the Detection and Backward Regression, which uses outputs from the forward propagation to detect hands for frame t and their relative offset in frame t-1. The third stage uses an off-the-shelf human pose method to link any fragmented hand tracklets. We train the forward propagation and backward regression and detection stages end-to-end together with the other Cascade-RCNN components.To train and evaluate HandLer, we also contribute YouTube-Hand, the first challenging large-scale dataset of unconstrained videos annotated with hand locations and their trajectories. Experiments on this dataset and other benchmarks show that HandLer outperforms the existing state-of-the-art tracking algorithms by a large margin.

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 Ranked #1 on Multiple Object Tracking on YouTube-Hands (using extra training data)

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Multiple Object Tracking YouTube-Hands HandLer MOTA 70.0 # 1
HOTA 59.4 # 1


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