GGP: A Graph-based Grouping Planner for Explicit Control of Long Text Generation

Existing data-driven methods can well handle short text generation. However, when applied to the long-text generation scenarios such as story generation or advertising text generation in the commercial scenario, these methods may generate illogical and uncontrollable texts. To address these aforementioned issues, we propose a graph-based grouping planner(GGP) following the idea of first-plan-then-generate. Specifically, given a collection of key phrases, GGP firstly encodes these phrases into an instance-level sequential representation and a corpus-level graph-based representation separately. With these two synergic representations, we then regroup these phrases into a fine-grained plan, based on which we generate the final long text. We conduct our experiments on three long text generation datasets and the experimental results reveal that GGP significantly outperforms baselines, which proves that GGP can control the long text generation by knowing how to say and in what order.

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