Grounded Textual Entailment

COLING 2018 Hoa Trong VuClaudio GrecoAliia ErofeevaSomayeh JafaritazehjanGuido LindersMarc TantiAlberto TestoniRaffaella BernardiAlbert Gatt

Capturing semantic relations between sentences, such as entailment, is a long-standing challenge for computational semantics. Logic-based models analyse entailment in terms of possible worlds (interpretations, or situations) where a premise P entails a hypothesis H iff in all worlds where P is true, H is also true... (read more)

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Evaluation results from the paper

Task Dataset Model Metric name Metric value Global rank Compare
Natural Language Inference V-SNLI V-BiMPM Accuracy 86.99 # 1
Natural Language Inference V-SNLI BiMPM Accuracy 86.41 # 2