Hyperspectral Light Field Stereo Matching

In this paper, we describe how scene depth can be extracted using a hyperspectral light field capture (H-LF) system. Our H-LF system consists of a 5 x 6 array of cameras, with each camera sampling a different narrow band in the visible spectrum. There are two parts to extracting scene depth. The first part is our novel cross-spectral pairwise matching technique, which involves a new spectral-invariant feature descriptor and its companion matching metric we call bidirectional weighted normalized cross correlation (BWNCC). The second part, namely, H-LF stereo matching, uses a combination of spectral-dependent correspondence and defocus cues that rely on BWNCC. These two new cost terms are integrated into a Markov Random Field (MRF) for disparity estimation. Experiments on synthetic and real H-LF data show that our approach can produce high-quality disparity maps. We also show that these results can be used to produce the complete plenoptic cube in addition to synthesizing all-focus and defocused color images under different sensor spectral responses.

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