Intra- and Inter-epoch Temporal Context Network (IITNet) Using Sub-epoch Features for Automatic Sleep Scoring on Raw Single-channel EEG

18 Feb 2019  ·  Hogeon Seo, Seunghyeok Back, Seongju Lee, Deokhwan Park, Tae Kim, Kyoobin Lee ·

A deep learning model, named IITNet, is proposed to learn intra- and inter-epoch temporal contexts from raw single-channel EEG for automatic sleep scoring. To classify the sleep stage from half-minute EEG, called an epoch, sleep experts investigate sleep-related events and consider the transition rules between the found events. Similarly, IITNet extracts representative features at a sub-epoch level by a residual neural network and captures intra- and inter-epoch temporal contexts from the sequence of the features via bidirectional LSTM. The performance was investigated for three datasets as the sequence length (L) increased from one to ten. IITNet achieved the comparable performance with other state-of-the-art results. The best accuracy, MF1, and Cohen's kappa ($\kappa$) were 83.9%, 77.6%, 0.78 for SleepEDF (L=10), 86.5%, 80.7%, 0.80 for MASS (L=9), and 86.7%, 79.8%, 0.81 for SHHS (L=10), respectively. Even though using four epochs, the performance was still comparable. Compared to using a single epoch, on average, accuracy and MF1 increased by 2.48%p and 4.90%p and F1 of N1, N2, and REM increased by 16.1%p, 1.50%p, and 6.42%p, respectively. Above four epochs, the performance improvement was not significant. The results support that considering the latest two-minute raw single-channel EEG can be a reasonable choice for sleep scoring via deep neural networks with efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, the experiments with the baselines showed that introducing intra-epoch temporal context learning with a deep residual network contributes to the improvement in the overall performance and has the positive synergy effect with the inter-epoch temporal context learning.

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 Ranked #1 on Sleep Stage Detection on Sleep-EDF (using extra training data)

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Uses Extra
Training Data
Result Benchmark
Sleep Stage Detection MASS SS2 IITNet CRNN [F4-EOG (left)] Accuracy 84.5% # 1
Sleep Stage Detection Sleep-EDF IITNet CRNN [Fpz-Cz] Accuracy 84.0% # 1