iSTFTNet2: Faster and More Lightweight iSTFT-Based Neural Vocoder Using 1D-2D CNN

The inverse short-time Fourier transform network (iSTFTNet) has garnered attention owing to its fast, lightweight, and high-fidelity speech synthesis. It obtains these characteristics using a fast and lightweight 1D CNN as the backbone and replacing some neural processes with iSTFT. Owing to the difficulty of a 1D CNN to model high-dimensional spectrograms, the frequency dimension is reduced via temporal upsampling. However, this strategy compromises the potential to enhance the speed. Therefore, we propose iSTFTNet2, an improved variant of iSTFTNet with a 1D-2D CNN that employs 1D and 2D CNNs to model temporal and spectrogram structures, respectively. We designed a 2D CNN that performs frequency upsampling after conversion in a few-frequency space. This design facilitates the modeling of high-dimensional spectrograms without compromising the speed. The results demonstrated that iSTFTNet2 made iSTFTNet faster and more lightweight with comparable speech quality. Audio samples are available at

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