JEN-1 Composer: A Unified Framework for High-Fidelity Multi-Track Music Generation

With rapid advances in generative artificial intelligence, the text-to-music synthesis task has emerged as a promising direction for music generation from scratch. However, finer-grained control over multi-track generation remains an open challenge. Existing models exhibit strong raw generation capability but lack the flexibility to compose separate tracks and combine them in a controllable manner, differing from typical workflows of human composers. To address this issue, we propose JEN-1 Composer, a unified framework to efficiently model marginal, conditional, and joint distributions over multi-track music via a single model. JEN-1 Composer framework exhibits the capacity to seamlessly incorporate any diffusion-based music generation system, \textit{e.g.} Jen-1, enhancing its capacity for versatile multi-track music generation. We introduce a curriculum training strategy aimed at incrementally instructing the model in the transition from single-track generation to the flexible generation of multi-track combinations. During the inference, users have the ability to iteratively produce and choose music tracks that meet their preferences, subsequently creating an entire musical composition incrementally following the proposed Human-AI co-composition workflow. Quantitative and qualitative assessments demonstrate state-of-the-art performance in controllable and high-fidelity multi-track music synthesis. The proposed JEN-1 Composer represents a significant advance toward interactive AI-facilitated music creation and composition. Demos will be available at

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