Joint Face Completion and Super-resolution using Multi-scale Feature Relation Learning

Previous research on face restoration often focused on repairing a specific type of low-quality facial images such as low-resolution (LR) or occluded facial images. However, in the real world, both the above-mentioned forms of image degradation often coexist. Therefore, it is important to design a model that can repair LR occluded images simultaneously. This paper proposes a multi-scale feature graph generative adversarial network (MFG-GAN) to implement the face restoration of images in which both degradation modes coexist, and also to repair images with a single type of degradation. Based on the GAN, the MFG-GAN integrates the graph convolution and feature pyramid network to restore occluded low-resolution face images to non-occluded high-resolution face images. The MFG-GAN uses a set of customized losses to ensure that high-quality images are generated. In addition, we designed the network in an end-to-end format. Experimental results on the public-domain CelebA and Helen databases show that the proposed approach outperforms state-of-the-art methods in performing face super-resolution (up to 4x or 8x) and face completion simultaneously. Cross-database testing also revealed that the proposed approach has good generalizability.

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