Knowledge-based Review Generation by Coherence Enhanced Text Planning

As a natural language generation task, it is challenging to generate informative and coherent review text. In order to enhance the informativeness of the generated text, existing solutions typically learn to copy entities or triples from knowledge graphs (KGs). However, they lack overall consideration to select and arrange the incorporated knowledge, which tends to cause text incoherence. To address the above issue, we focus on improving entity-centric coherence of the generated reviews by leveraging the semantic structure of KGs. In this paper, we propose a novel Coherence Enhanced Text Planning model (CETP) based on knowledge graphs (KGs) to improve both global and local coherence for review generation. The proposed model learns a two-level text plan for generating a document: (1) the document plan is modeled as a sequence of sentence plans in order, and (2) the sentence plan is modeled as an entity-based subgraph from KG. Local coherence can be naturally enforced by KG subgraphs through intra-sentence correlations between entities. For global coherence, we design a hierarchical self-attentive architecture with both subgraph- and node-level attention to enhance the correlations between subgraphs. To our knowledge, we are the first to utilize a KG-based text planning model to enhance text coherence for review generation. Extensive experiments on three datasets confirm the effectiveness of our model on improving the content coherence of generated texts.

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