Learning Profitable NFT Image Diffusions via Multiple Visual-Policy Guided Reinforcement Learning

20 Jun 2023  ·  Huiguo He, Tianfu Wang, Huan Yang, Jianlong Fu, Nicholas Jing Yuan, Jian Yin, Hongyang Chao, Qi Zhang ·

We study the task of generating profitable Non-Fungible Token (NFT) images from user-input texts. Recent advances in diffusion models have shown great potential for image generation. However, existing works can fall short in generating visually-pleasing and highly-profitable NFT images, mainly due to the lack of 1) plentiful and fine-grained visual attribute prompts for an NFT image, and 2) effective optimization metrics for generating high-quality NFT images. To solve these challenges, we propose a Diffusion-based generation framework with Multiple Visual-Policies as rewards (i.e., Diffusion-MVP) for NFT images. The proposed framework consists of a large language model (LLM), a diffusion-based image generator, and a series of visual rewards by design. First, the LLM enhances a basic human input (such as "panda") by generating more comprehensive NFT-style prompts that include specific visual attributes, such as "panda with Ninja style and green background." Second, the diffusion-based image generator is fine-tuned using a large-scale NFT dataset to capture fine-grained image styles and accessory compositions of popular NFT elements. Third, we further propose to utilize multiple visual-policies as optimization goals, including visual rarity levels, visual aesthetic scores, and CLIP-based text-image relevances. This design ensures that our proposed Diffusion-MVP is capable of minting NFT images with high visual quality and market value. To facilitate this research, we have collected the largest publicly available NFT image dataset to date, consisting of 1.5 million high-quality images with corresponding texts and market values. Extensive experiments including objective evaluations and user studies demonstrate that our framework can generate NFT images showing more visually engaging elements and higher market value, compared with SOTA approaches.

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