Learning to Reason in Large Theories without Imitation

25 May 2019  ·  Kshitij Bansal, Christian Szegedy, Markus N. Rabe, Sarah M. Loos, Viktor Toman ·

In this paper, we demonstrate how to do automated theorem proving in the presence of a large knowledge base of potential premises without learning from human proofs. We suggest an exploration mechanism that mixes in additional premises selected by a tf-idf (term frequency-inverse document frequency) based lookup in a deep reinforcement learning scenario... This helps with exploring and learning which premises are relevant for proving a new theorem. Our experiments show that the theorem prover trained with this exploration mechanism outperforms provers that are trained only on human proofs. It approaches the performance of a prover trained by a combination of imitation and reinforcement learning. We perform multiple experiments to understand the importance of the underlying assumptions that make our exploration approach work, thus explaining our design choices. read more

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Automated Theorem Proving HOList benchmark BoW2 (extra -ves) Percentage correct 36.55 # 3


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