Learning Visual N-Grams from Web Data

Real-world image recognition systems need to recognize tens of thousands of classes that constitute a plethora of visual concepts. The traditional approach of annotating thousands of images per class for training is infeasible in such a scenario, prompting the use of webly supervised data. This paper explores the training of image-recognition systems on large numbers of images and associated user comments. In particular, we develop visual n-gram models that can predict arbitrary phrases that are relevant to the content of an image. Our visual n-gram models are feed-forward convolutional networks trained using new loss functions that are inspired by n-gram models commonly used in language modeling. We demonstrate the merits of our models in phrase prediction, phrase-based image retrieval, relating images and captions, and zero-shot transfer.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
Zero-Shot Transfer Image Classification aYahoo Visual N-Grams Accuracy 72.4 # 2
Zero-Shot Transfer Image Classification SUN Visual N-Grams Accuracy 23.0 # 3


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